Pocket Starship

Celtic Heroes on iOS and Android


For the last few years I've been employed at One Thumb Mobile developing new features for Celtic Heroes. We released multiple updates in that time, of the many features and improvements that I was responsible for I'm particularly proud of the collectible pets system, the factions system, and theUI improvements I did.

The Last Chapter of Man


"Watch the world burn"

A solo project, game based around a forest fire cellular automota simulation. Available to download on Windows and is best played with a gamepad. Check out the trailer, and a (20min) documentary on the making of the game to learn more about this unique project.

The Prettiest Ribbon


"Snakes on a cube."

Another solo project, classic gameplay reimagined. I was very proud of the feel of the gameplay, the way the frame of reference for movement just works. Splitscreen gameplay mode included. Available for the great and lovely Windows PC. Check out the rather snappy trailer and have go in the downloads



"Fly with speed, accuracy and style."

Part of a duo, a technically impressive XNA based Xbox 360 indie title. I was responsible for the majority of the visual elements including a custom shader to make the city feel bright and colorful. Check out our postmortem to find out more about this well regarded game.